Elmira Bondell is on the run, as far south as her capricious sedan will carry her.
Goodbye, wedding plans; goodbye, corner office; goodbye, overbearing mother. When Ottawa blizzards turn into Texas tumbleweeds, Elmira stumbles into some smokin’-hot southern hospitality—and he’s shaped nothing like the dull fiancé she left back in O Canada.
Guy Manning, Littleton’s “golden boy,” is worn thin by the trappings of his former fame and bored by the expectations of the townspeople. Guy can’t make a bad decision—until a disheveled, and gorgeous, outsider almost bangs her car into a tree at his construction site and has the audacity to make an offer on one of his unfinished apartments, sight unseen. He doesn’t trust her as far as he can throw her, but the naughty ideas she gives him are too hot to ignore.
No matter how hard Elmira tries to build herself a soft place to land, she fears the inevitable decision looming on her horizon. While her northern responsibilities beckon, she finds herself falling for this ruggedly delicious former boxer who tears her perfect packaging apart with little more than his simmering smile.
Will this ballerina with a broken wing linger in the warmth of her newfound life in Texas, or will she cut and run to put her broken heart on ice?


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About the Author

Mary Lavoie grew up in Aylmer, Quebec, where she became a voracious reader. The romances are what got to her, whether rom-com or wrestling match. (If you know, you know.)

After a stint in Theatre Arts, she earned her B.A. with a specialization in English and a minor in philosophy at the University of Ottawa. 

Mary is living happily ever after with her husband, daughters, and fur-babies.

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